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Roland "Baldy" Baker
Strasburg, OH
A quote from a race fan about Baldy...

"One of the most colorful and popular drivers to compete on a regular basis from the state of Ohio was Baldy Baker.

Baldy made his initial appearances at Oswego during a mid-sixties Classic when competitors came in from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan by the dozens for this event. But Baldy was one of the few that decided to make the trek to Oswego on a weekly basis beginning in the early seventies. 

His greatest success at Oswego came aboard the Gary Myles/Keith Barker No. 93. His other potent ride was the Norm Hagen No. 6. Baldy amassed seven feature wins and 29 top five finishes, but more importantly a host of local fans, especially Budweiser drinking ones, that remembered him long after he retired as a driver."
Baldy Baker sits in Victory Lane in the Gary Myles/Keith Barker No. 93
Another quote from a Baldy Baker fan...
"A very young  Baldy Baker  just about owned Canton in the early 50's. At the time I was going there he only raced there on occasion, when he did he was a threat to win.

One night his car was broken and I saw him take what was at the time a back marker car start tail in the feature and just clean everyone’s clock in that car. I won't mention the car he drove that night but it was strong and Baldy proved it."

With that BIG, POWERFUL Myles motor under the hood Baldy was able to lift the left front coming off of the 2nd corner. It was quite a site and a great memory of Baker racing at Oswego
Baldy in the V-8 super, a regular ride that he tore up the tracks in the Mid-West. The little guy in front is Baldy Baker Jr. 
One of the finest supermodified drivers around the ovals of the Mid-West and Northeast Coast was Roland "Baldy" Baker of Strausberg, Ohio.  Baldy and his wife Gladys had two children; a son Roland, Jr. and a daughter Bonnie.

When Baldy was going through high school he always took an interest in sports although he seldom competed. He did play basketball and from what we've been told played the sport extremely well.

He was always fond of auto racing and looked forward to the day when he could race. At 21 years of age he drove his first race and since that time, racing has been his number one sport. 

Baldy's very colorful career started back in 1948 when he drove a modified around his hometown ovals. Right from the very start, he proved to be a real hard charger with plenty of talent to be a winner. And what a winner he was. We asked Baldy, just how many features he thought he has won and he replied, "Gosh, I really don't know. There's been plenty. I do know I've won over 300 trophies in my career". Baldy is one of the drivers who witnessed (while competing) the change from the modified racer to the upright supermods, to the low lined, super-sleek roadster and rear engines of the 70’s and 80’s. 

Baldy's favorite color was red and white, and the drink he most liked to socialize with was a Budweiser. When asked what the greatest moment in his racing career was Baldy said, "When I started winning at Oswego." He quickly added, "There have been too many great moments around the tracks to remember them all". 

Baldy said, “All the guys in the supermodified circuit are great, but my favorites are Nick Rowe (his longtime sidekick), Norm Mackereth and Jimmy Shampine.”

The roadster number 93 was owned by three men - Gary Myles, P.J. Wiseman and Keith Barker. The 93 was a former Watson roadster that competed in the USAC championship division in the mid 1960's. It's was equipped with a big 427 Chevy and was one of the finest looking cars in the circuit. The combination of Baldy Baker and the blue 93 proved to be a very successful venture.   
(As quoted from the Oswego Speedway Eagle Program)

Here is a picture of one of Baldy's first rides at 
Oswego Speedway in the #62 super sprint.
"Tinker Joe" Martincic and Baldy Baker
Baldy Baker in the beautiful Paul Clark owned #0 supermodified sprinter.